Hello, Podwalkers, and welcome to the Goblin Lore Podcast!

TW: trauma, PTSD, sexual violence, rape, combat violence, child abuse, death, suicide, social anxiety, depression.

In our second episode, Hobbes Q. explains what trauma is and how it differs from – but relates to – post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), and describes the resilience people find to work through a traumatic experience.

Joe Redemann explains how this relates to our understandings of Nicol Bolas's birth and first experience in Core 2019's "Chronicles of Bolas: The Twins" as well as Gideon Jura's Magic Origins story. The guys discuss Michelle Rapp's (@ninox_morpork on Twitter) article for Card Kingdom on trauma in Magic: the Gathering, and do a little self-processing of their own.

You can find the hosts on Twitter: Joe Redemann at @Fyndhorn, Hobbes Q. at @HobbesQ, and Alex Newman at @AlexanderNewm.

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Opening and closing music by Wintergatan (@wintergatan). Logo art courtesy of Greg Staples, design by JDR.

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